19 Photographs of North Korea That Got This Photographer Banned From The Country

14Just a tram

Upon seeing this image you’d think this is one of the only images that won’t get you banned for taking but the sad reality is it will get you banned. Just look that the tram. Its rusty sides and broken glass shows what condition the public transport is in and goes against what the government says about the country.

Image Source: pinimg.com

15Why is she using a spoon?

You might think that instead of the traditional medical equipment, maybe this country uses different ones to save money or are just better. You’re wrong! The government does not provide the hospitals with the funding they need to buy proper medical equipment and the doctors have to improvise. These are the images the government wants to be hidden from foreign countries.

Image Source: dainteresdit.ge


One thing the government prides itself on is the state of the people of the country. If the government is to be believed then the people living here are supposedly happy and content with the life they have under their leader. But this image proves otherwise. The camera was taken from the photographer after he took this image.

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

17The children

These are the types of images that will get you banned from the country if you are caught taking them. There are several reasons why the government would not like these images out in the public as they show just how malnourished and exhausted the children are due to the poverty in the entire country that the government keeps denying.

Image Source: www.badabun.co


On first glance, one might think those fences are there to protect the people from the dangers surrounding the country. That is one of the reasons why the fences are there, the other reason is to keep the people from escaping and leaving the country. Yes, fences are put up all around the country to keep the people from running away.

Image Source: brightside.me

19No water to bathe

This image is by far the most heartbreaking as it shows how some people in the country don’t have water to even bathe. If an official or police officer or even tour guide sees a tourist take an image like this, that person will have to surrender their camera or face serious consequences. Regardless, there are people who risk everything to show to the world the reality of the country.

Image Source: historydaily.org

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