19 Photographs of North Korea That Got This Photographer Banned From The Country

10Soldiers plucking grass

Yes, those are soldiers plucking yellow grass off the lawn to make it look better. If you thought your country didn’t respect its brave men and women, think again. This is another reason why the government doesn’t allow its public or tourists to take pictures.  The government believes photos like this will show their government in a bad light.

Image Source: methongthai.org

11Shouldn’t this be normal?

This picture is a normal image of a couple if it were taken in any other country in the world. But in this country, it is a quite unusual picture because expressing one’s feelings in public is illegal and will be treated as an act of obscenity. This is one of the huge differences between this country and others.

Image Source: www.asiangeo.com

12Gender equality?

One may think that this photo shows the gender equality in the country but that isn’t the truth. Since every boy born in the country is recruited by law into the army upon reaching a certain age, parents have started having more girl children to avoid that. So, the government started recruiting women after they reach the age of 17. Upon turning 17, all the girls have t arrive at the recruiting office to start a 7-year long service in the military.

Image Source: stirileprotv.ro

13Does fast food exist?

Yes and no! Fast food in a country that cannot feed its population is exactly how you think it will be, Very little and very poor. The stalls seen here sell traditional kimchi cabbage. People who but it say it’s very tasty and spicy. But, for tourists whose stomachs aren’t prepared for it might lead to a stomach ache.

Image Source: www.taringa.net

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