19 Photographs of North Korea That Got This Photographer Banned From The Country

5The Army men

This image shows a bunch of army men helping a bus by giving it a push. The country is filled with army men at several regions watching and keeping track of the people. But the army men aren’t that bad as they’re just following orders and if they don’t they could be sentenced to death. But, when the time comes to help the people, they always help.

Image Source: corriereobjects.it

6Hidden truth

If you ever visit the country you won’t see children in tattered clothes running around showing how poor they are. All the children are fully clothed and you will never see the real truth of how malnourished the children are as they are covered and told to smile at the tourists.

Image Source: aftonbladet-cdn.se

7Homeless on the benches

This is a really heartbreaking image of the state of the people in the country that so many rules and does not care about its people. This mother and son have no place to stay for the night and have to sleep on a park bench. These are the types of images that show the truth about the country that the government doesn’t want the world to see.

Image Source: aldar.mn

8Computers but no electricity

Another sad aspect of the country is the lack of electricity. There are just a few power stations in the entire country so there is always a power shortage. This is the situation in most of the region of the country as there are people who are trying to get on with their lives but cannot as there is no power for computers or other appliances to work.

Image Source: golos.io

9Vapor truck

Electricity isn’t the only thing that the country lacks, fuel is another. Many cars run on gas which is produced by burning charcoal. This was the fuel source that was used in Europe during the Second World War. This fuel source always caused a ton of damage to already unsafe vehicles. Now, this fuel source just troubles the people as the vehicles always breakdown.

Image Source: Incrivel.club

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