19 Photographs of North Korea That Got This Photographer Banned From The Country

Eric Lafforgue is a French photographer who has visited North Korea a total of 6 times between the year 2008 and 2012. In this time he has photographed the country and the people’s lives. If you didn’t know, North Korea has strict rules against tourists taking images of the people and country.


You are allowed to take images of what they allow you to take and anything beyond that can led to some serious problems including imprisonment. Eric didn’t let the law or the risk of imprisonment stop him from taking some really sad and gut-wrenching photos of the lives of the people living there.

1Children have to work

The country is not a great place to be an adult or even a child as the children have to work as well. As we can see in this image, the children have to help the parents get water. We’re not sure if that is drinking water or water for washing and cleaning.  This is a sad life for children in the country.

Image Source: www.tpi.it

2No beds

Can you imagine a life without a bed? You’ll sleep on the floor? But, what if the only place to sleep was on hard, uneven rocks? Can you imagine a life like that? That is the reality of that country where people are so poor that they have to have a good night’s sleep on a bed of rocks.

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk

3Poor and starving

A country that does not let the outside world know about the lives of the citizens from the citizens themselves is hiding something.  We can see the sad faces of these children who are starving and look malnourished and in dire need of help. This is one of the reasons why taking pictures is strictly prohibited.

Image Source: baomoi.com

4Dolphin show

One of the most notable entertainment sources in the country is Dolphin Shows. These are the only events where people are allowed to take photos but there are still some rules. Photos can only be taken from the audience stands because the audience won’t be part of the image. It is not allowed to photograph the audience at these shows.

Image Source: corriereobjects.it

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