16 People Who Puberty Blessed By Turning Them From Zero To Hero

13Age 14 and 22

Many kids have a very drastic glow up when they hit puberty. Some of them can’t be recognized by their younger self. This is natural and quite common. Here is a great example of someone changing very drastically from what they looked like. This is definitely a zero to hero moment in this man’s life.

Many kids have a very drastic glow

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14Age 13 and 24

Kids should not just rely on puberty to make them look incredible. They should take some responsibility of their own. A healthy diet and exercise can make huge changes to the human body. Kids these days don’t like healthy food and especially not hitting the gym or even working out at home.

Age 13 and 24

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15Age 12 and 27

Puberty will do what it has to naturally to your body but you have to also put in some effort. You cannot sit and play video games all day or watch TV shows and expect puberty to turn you into a good looking teenager. Many kids have lost weight, got braces, gained confidence, learned to style themselves only then did they look different.

Good looking teenager

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16Age 16 and 20

Puberty is not a magical phase where every ugly duckling will turn into a beautiful swan. It is not possible for puberty to turn every zero into a ten. Puberty brings changes to our faces and bodies but we too are responsible for how we look. Learn to style, learn to dress, get in shape, have a healthy diet with good exercise and you will see changes even after you hit puberty.

Puberty is not a magical

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