16 People Who Deserve An Award For Their Ingenious Ideas

13When you don’t own an iron

This is an image uploaded by a man whose roommate is ironing his shirt using a pot of boiling water. He does not own iron and needed his shirt pressed so he came up with this ingenious idea. He heated some water in a steel pot and used it to iron his shirt.


Image Source: los40.com.mx

14This dad’s idea

What do you do when you want to eat in front of the TV but do not have a table? Nothing, you just use a toilet seat. Yes, this man is using a toilet seat to keep his plate on so that he can eat and watch TV. We do not know how he came up with this idea but we do think that would make a great and interesting backstory.


Image Source: akamaihd.net

15When you hate doing the dishes

This is a great idea for people who use the same bowl throughout the day and hate having to wash it after each meal. Just cover it with a plastic bag and use it then remove the bag and you get a clean and ready to use bowl. This is a great idea and something bachelors can use in their everyday lives.


Image Source: wattpad.com

16Nothing can stop these kids

So, the person who posted this image said that their parents went to Vegas for about a week but placed a camera in the house so that the kid does not party. Little did they know that the kid is a genius and took down the camera and placed it in front of a picture of the clean and neat living room. When the parents come back and see the footage they will see that nothing happened in the living room.


Image Source: pics.me.me


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