16 People Who Deserve An Award For Their Ingenious Ideas

We face problems every day and they can range from simple ones to some that need a lot of understanding and working towards to solve. But, there are some people who don’t like to take the long road and prefer short cuts. They use their creativity to come up with ideas that make their lives easier and simpler.


Today, we have gathered a few people whose ideas have stunned us. These creative people have found an easy solution to many common problems and some really tough ones. You will applaud these creative and genius solutions and you might want to adopt some of them into your daily lives.

1No need to talk

Imagine if you were tall and wherever you went you were asked the same question or people said the same remarks about your height. This is how this man solved the issue. He just made a card he can hand out to people. The card says everything he would have to say and it solves an awkward and unnecessary conversation.


Image Source: imgur.com

2Finding your turtle

This is an ingenious idea and something many turtle owners can use. We know you have to let your turtles walk around a bit and should not keep them in their enclosures. But turtles are small and hard to see. So, how do you find them if you let them out? Tie a balloon to them and let them go.


Image Source: www.wiemy.to

3Staying at an airport

If you need to stay at an airport and you hate sleeping on those chairs, you can use a tent. Yes, just use a normal tent and you can sleep on the ground with your sleeping bags. This will give you enough room to relax and even privacy. Not to mention if you’re at a cold country’s airport, you’ll stay warm.


Image Source: onedio.com

4Easy solution for bad smell

The poster of this image said that this was the solution his brother found when their mom kept complaining about the bad smell in his room. He taped a bottle of roll-on deodorant to a table fan. We’re not sure if this is stupid or just ingenious, but we do have to appreciate the effort.


Image Source: www.teepr.com


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