15 People Who Are Living In 3100 While We’re Stuck In 2019

11Robocop V1.0

This traffic cop looks so futuristic and cool. With the neon green jacket, helmet, gloves, and those leg stands or braces. You may have seen videos of those on YouTube but never really understood what they are and what they do. Those give the wearer an extra boost in height as well as mobility. They also help him run faster and more stability. This does take some getting used to though.

Image Source: www.orgs.one

12Face timing garlic bread

This is how you use technology to your full advantage. This man is using his FaceTime app to check on his garlic bread which is in the oven. This is such a great way of using your phone to your advantage and making sure nothing burns. We salute this man to have come up with this idea.

Image Source: pics.me.me

13Velcro solves everything

Do you have a loose connection on your laptop and are getting tired of constantly putting the plug back in every time it falls off? Here is the great solution to that, Velcro! This man had cut off circular strips of Velcro and pasted them on his laptop around the power socket as well as on the plug.

Image Source: memestatic.com

14Robo Dog

Just look how adorable and cute this little dog looks in all his armor. This is a military dog that is used in countries that have sand storms. The dogs can be used as a scout that is why it has a camera on the helmet with sends a wireless feed to someone sitting behind a laptop. This dog looks adorable but also helps protect our country.

Image Source: pinimg.com

15How to properly eat while driving

Do you get pissed when you order food at a drive-in and want to eat it while driving but you don’t have enough space to keep it? This man has come up with an ingenious idea on how to solve it. He keeps his chicken nuggets over his drink and can now eat as well as drink at the same time. The straw is long enough to keep the box of food from falling.

Image Source: redd.it

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