15 People Who Are Living In 3100 While We’re Stuck In 2019

6Taco tray

Have you ever wanted to eat a Taco while driving? You have no place to keep it and will most probably end up breaking it. But did you know your car provides a great place to keep it? The overhead compartment where you would keep your keys or sunglasses is a great place to keep your Taco.

Image Source: redd.it

7A bottle for dogs

Whoever invented this is a genius and we need a link to buy one. This little dog bottle comes equipped with a scoop from which your dog can easily drink from and won’t spill much. This is a great accessory for dog owners who take their dogs to the park for a walk and give them water from a normal bottle.

Image Source: gaytin.com

8A great way to work and stay fit

We have to compliment this man for his ingenious invention as he has found a great way to work and work out as well. We’re guessing that he placed some kind of manual generator to the back wheel which works as the wheel spins. This can generate electricity and will be used to power small appliances like the lamp behind him.

Image Source: indiatimes.com

9Who needs an umbrella?

This man needs a medal for this idea. He may be from the future but we have to admit he is smart. What do you do when you go to the beach and don’t have an umbrella and yet you want to relax? You just use a blanket to save yourself from the heat and sunburn. This man is living the best time of his life.

Image Source: ballmemes.com

10How professionals cheat

This is something that is in the grey area of cheating. It has pros and it has cons and feels more like it is at the center of being good and bad. Hiding tiny pieces of paper with notes or formulae that can help you pass in an exam under your fingernails is a great idea but it won’t be big and as you can see, they are pretty hard to read.

Image Source: baomoi.zadn.vn

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