15 People Who Are Living In 3100 While We’re Stuck In 2019

Necessity is the mother of creation. We have all heard this proverb. But did you know that it is absolutely true? It is illogical and unnecessary to try to fix every single problem by spending money on it. Sometimes, we just have to put our thinking caps on and ponder for a while.


That is what the people featuring in this article did and they should be applauded for it. You will realize how smart and simple these ideas are. They will certainly inspire you to find creative solutions to everyday problems. They do require some effort but in the end, it is worth it.

1Kids are smart

The credit for this can go to the kid or to the kid’s parents. This is such a great idea to have your kid play in a tent while outside in the sand. This will protect the kid from sunburn; heat exhaustion as well as the wind won’t destroy his sand castles or get sand in his eyes. We have to compliment this child or the parents or whoever came up with this idea.

Image Source: pinimg.com

2Teens are smart too

This boy is totally way ahead of his time. While everyone is trying their best to take a nap or rest without being disturbed by the light and the weight of their head making them fall over, this boy found the perfect solution. Using the cover the buses have on their seats to cover and hold your head and keep your eyes shielded from the light. This is simply genius.

Image Source: tocomtempo.com


There are many companies that are trying to design hands-free luggage that can follow you around at the airport or while you’re traveling. You might have already guessed that this would work using Bluetooth and your phone and you can’t walk too fast, but this man has found a solution. You may call him lazy but we call him innovative.

Image Source: armblog.am

4Get rid of crumbs

When you reach the bottom of your cereal box you’ll be met with crumbs more than cereal. Many people hate this as the crumbs ruin the milk so this person has a great solution for it. Using a sieve to collect all the cereal and let the crumbs fall out. This way you’ll have nothing but tasty cereal.

Image Source: trendingallday.com

5When the charger is too high

When you really need to charge your phone but the charger is too high, what do you do? Connect it and stand there while it charges? Or just do what this guy did? This is such an ingenious way of charging your phone while it is up high. We hope it’s not too high or else if that phone falls there won’t be much left to work with.

Image Source: bastanteinteressante.org

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