15 People Looking Insanely Photogenic In Awkward And Uncomfortable Situations


It’s easy to make yourself beautiful these days. Filters, Photoshop, makeup, editing, and plenty of other techniques are used to pretty up for the social media attention. The thing is, people are prepared for most of these pictures. They smile, they make sure their hair looks great, and of course, both eyes open is a must.

But what if someone took a photo while you were in an uncomfortable situation? There’s no Instagram or Snapchat filter that will fix that!

You simply have to be ridiculously photogenic to turn an uncomfortable situation into a good picture. Most of us try to avoid awkward and uncomfortable situation, and taking a picture of it it’s certainly not an option.


But there’s a billion phones out there, all equipped with top-notch cameras. Half of them are YouTubers trying to capture a funny moment just to go viral on the internet. Which means it is almost imposable to embarrass yourself in the public without few pictures or videos ending up on the internet.

But if you’re photogenic like the people from the list below, that shouldn’t be a problem at all!

1It’s just a cup of water

Who cares about a cup of water when you’re having a great time! This girl should be an example to all of us. One little accident is not going to ruin her day or her photo. Make sure you keep the smile and don’t stop the party by any means!

Cup of water

Image Source: brainberries.co


2We can’t always win

The true character of a person reveals when they’re not on the winning side. We all need to learn how to lose before we learn how to win. This happy fella is a true champ, even though it looks like he’s losing the match.

Winning side

Image Source: brainberries.co

3She made it!

It looks easy, and it looks simple but that’s not the case here. This successful athlete wasn’t always smiling. When there is hard work, dedication, and the will to succeed, there’s always a smile at the end of a successful jump!

Successful jump!

Image Source: www.mundotkm.com

4The viral meme

A casual picture that became a legendary meme. Even if you’re not into memes and the culture, you’ve seen this guy and you probably know who this guy is. And the fact that he is super photogenic is obvious. Just look at the other people around him and you’ll see the point.

The viral meme

Image Source: reddit.com


5The glorious duo

There’s something about the ability to train an eagle that screams power. If you add a gorgeous girl with a beautiful smile in the picture…that’s simply glorious! This definitely looks like a poster from a super popular movie or something.

The glorious duo

Image Source: brainberries.co


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