This is Hilarious! Read how a young doctor is fooled by an old geezer


Laughter is the best medicine!! If you’re grumpy, grouchy, angry, upset or just an aggravated fuddy duddy, then learn to lighten up. Ok so if you’re already angry then read this and simply ROFL because this is hilarious. This crazy story trending as an old geezer outsmarts young man is outrageous to say the least. So go ahead read it and live a bit to smile!!

1 The Story Goes Like This. Once There Was An Old Geezer…

Well here’s introducing the old Geezer who became a doctor to help patients with his age old time tested remedies. However one youngass smarty pants also a doctor had other ideas up his sleeves. He just had to put down the old geezer.

Old Geezer

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