15 Imaginary conversations between Obama and Biden that will make your day


Come 2017 and The White House will soon see a new duo. Donald Trump and Mike Pence, they will be replacing Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Obviously though the current vice president may not be at all happy with this new arrangement. What exactly could be going through the mind of Joe Biden right now, is he planning to punch trump on the nose, or shove an ice cream into his face, we will never know. But what we could assume to know is these 10 hilarious imaginary conversations between Obama and Biden with reference to Trump that could well sum up Mr VP’s mind. Way to go Joe. Hope you have a good laugh too.

1 The color orange

The hair of the President elect has given rise to many a meme online. Even Jimmy Fallon tussled Trumps hair when he appeared on the show.

The hair of the President

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com


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