20 Naughty Pets Who Didn’t Expect You’d be Home Soon To Catch Them in The Act

16“Umm, I can explain…”

You come home early from work to be loved and kissed by your fur ball but what you see instead? An uncanny practice of an exotic pole dance? Has your cuddly pooch moonlighting as an exotic or maybe they just love climbing up and down poles.


17“Just teaching my sibling a wrestling move!”

Yet again another cat owner finds his cat siblings (or so he believed) in a compromising position. Shocking! In their defense they might be teaching each other good wrestling and self-defense moves…if you are ready to buy that explanation.

Image Source: robofunny.com

18“I just needed to cool down

It’s desert weather outside and you leave me home with just the fan on? How heartless of you and when I finally find a way to cool myself you look at me as suspiciously as a food robber from the fridge!!! How could you think so!

Image Source: www.recreoviral.com

19The moment the cat realized the mistake

Brownie wanted a wife for a long time and has requested you about a companion a million times to you as well. Then he finds someone cute enough to be his wife well…when the lights came on he had the shock of his life…now he won’t be able to love anyone anymore for a while.

Image Source: twimg.com

20“Let’s be honest, this isn’t the worst thing you’ve caught me doing

Yeah, so you caught me opening the freezer so what? I was thirsty and wanted a cold drink is that a crime? Come on and move it humans! Dogs love to open freezers especially for the food and for the cold draft when its summer.


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