20 Naughty Pets Who Didn’t Expect You’d be Home Soon To Catch Them in The Act

11This pesky puppy just wanted to look pretty for his momma

Now, where is the rule that only girlfriends and wives are supposed to preen to please their partners? The rule applies to your pooches too. They just want to look pretty and welcoming when you return from a hard day’s work, and this pooch has put such an effort to do just that….adorable!

Image Source: www.megasvet.si

12“I just wanted to help you knead…”

Where is the trust gone I ask? This helpful cat was just trying to help you by kneading the cookie dough when you went to the attend the phone call and now you look at him as a criminal up to no good? Unfair!

Image Source: brightside.me

13“Thank God you’re home. There was a monster in the trash can!”

You should thank your lucky star that you have a super canine safeguarding your house from monsters and ghosts when you are away. He keeps a strict vigil in every part of the house in fact even in the trash can….you can clearly see the evidence. This dog needs a medal for bravery!

Image Source: www.keblog.it

14“I look better in these than you do.”

Humans have always been way down the sartorial ladder when it comes to a face-off with horses. Want a simple proof? Have you seen a pair of Levis look that good on any human? I doubt so. It seems this horse loves his Levis.

Image Source: imgur.com

15“Oh hey, dad! Do you like my new feather blanket?”

Well the blanket you gave me was not just not warm and soft enough, so I decided to be resourceful and make my own warm feathery blanket I hope you like it….but why do I see a frown on your faces? Can’t I be warm?

Image Source: bugaga.ru

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