20 Naughty Pets Who Didn’t Expect You’d be Home Soon To Catch Them in The Act

6“Act casual… she might not know it was me…”

Rule of thumb, when caught red-handed destroying the house while playing….play innocent and dumb when mom or dad barge in, act completely nonchalant just as this doggie has mastered this art. If you act cool mommie might not suspect you at all and maybe call the police instead!

Image Source: brightside.me

7This little duo was just hugging

A case of Love interrupted? Well, the love birds or shall we say love dog and cat duo were busy getting cozy when guess what… you barged in their privacy. Now instead of being suspicious about their harmful friendly hugging, you should let them be comfortable in each other’s company.

Image Source: slydor.com

8Just hanging out

Can’t find your cat? Looked everywhere but still, she is lost? Well open up your closet and once and check maybe she is just hanging around (quite literally) and relaxing in the dark cozy nook that’s your wardrobe…now what wrong in that eh?

Image Source: www.panoramasnews.com

9“When he knows he’s not supposed to be on the couch.”

Modern crime detection has concluded that shifty eyes are a sure-shot sign of a perpetrator, and this cute bunny is showing the classic symptoms. You can see his guilt through his big beady eyes that he is not supposed to be on the couch, but it’s just that he never thought you would be so home early!!

Image Source: viettimes.vn

10“What do you think of your new bed?”

Humans have their opinions about their clothes or room color and can be vocal about it but animals tend to show their discontent in a rather more obvious manner and in action. Well, this dog has a new bed and whether he likes it is now the moot point is it not?

Image Source: baomoi.zadn.vn

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