12 Movies That Show What Pandemics Are Really Like

9Cabin Fever

This 2002 horror-comedy movie is based on the story of a group of friends who got infected with a flesh-eating virus. The idea of this story came to the co-writer and director of the movie Eli Roth when he suffered a skin infection on his visit to Iceland.

Cabin Fever movie

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10Resident Evil series (2002-2017)

One of the most popular series in which a virus is created by an organization which transforms humans into zombies. The main role is played by the American actress Milla Jovovich in the movies which are closely based on a video game series.

Resident Evil series (2002-2017

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11I am Legend

Will Smith starrer is based on same name novel authored by Richard Matheson and it is about a virus which was initially developed for the treatment of cancer but it took lives of around 90 percent population and turned 9.8 percent in cannibalistic mutants known as Darkseekers.


The remaining 0.2 percent are the ones who are immune to this virus just like Will Smith who not only develops the cure but also took lives of many Darkseekers for saving the lives of a woman and young boy.

I am Legend movie

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12Twelve Monkeys

Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt starrer got released in 1995 and in the movie a life-taking virus is released in the world in the year 1996 and it wipes out almost the whole world population. The few people who survived lived underground and then Bruce Willis is sent back in time in order to find the cure of the virus.

Twelve Monkeys

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