12 Movies That Show What Pandemics Are Really Like

580,000 Suspects

The movie got released in the year 1963 and it can easily be called a medical thriller with an added flavor of romance. The story is based in the town of Bath where a doctor discovers that smallpox outbreak has taken place and he works pretty hard to contain the disease.


What made the movie a little unrealistic is the fact that the doctor’s wife and the woman, with whom he is having extra-marital affair, both get infected but the doctor remains fine. However, it could have been possible that doctor remained safe as the virus becomes contagious only after the patient starts suffering from fever.

80000 Suspects

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6Smallpox 2002: Silent Weapon

It is a fictional docudrama in which a person develops a virus, infected himself and then walks around the city and infects other people silently by touching them. It creates a pandemic in the whole world as huge number of people got infected, the disease is contained at one point of time but not before losing 60 million lives.

Smallpox 2002 Silent Weapon

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728 Weeks Later

It is the sequel of 28 Days Later and deals with the situation that arise after what happened in the first movie. The army sets up a Green zone which is only for those who are not infected but one lady comes from Red zone who seems fine but is infected with the virus and the symptoms are not visible.

28 Weeks Later

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8And The Band Played On

This 1993 released American TV movie is based on the 1987 non-fiction book “And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic” which was written by Randy Shilts. The movie talks about the problems that are faced in real life after the outbreak takes place such as in-house politics, disbelief and people denying the fact that they may be infected.

And The Band Played On

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