17 Misleading Images That Are Very Different From What They Seem To Be

While paredolia is a confirmed term that makes you see images in natural phenomena and even in inanimate objects it you can deny sometimes they can be very real. It can be fun too trying to spot meaningful stuff in objects weather and nature. The optical illusions are sometimes real enough to resemble what we look for in them and sometimes we just can’t help it.  If you see diverse images in random objects around you, then you are hoping to love these images here that are truly descriptive and appear to be what they are not.


1Walnut that looks like Chewbacca

Remember Chewbacca, the wookie from Star Wars? Well he was a warrior from the planet Kashyyyk and is a fighter too. The thing is how on earth did his face get inscribed on a walnut? Can you see it?

Walnut that looks like Chewbacca

Image Source: magspace.ru


2We all love this guy

You should be knowing who this is? Well he is Groot the tree guy form Guardians of the Galaxy and though he looks cute and harmless, in a fight he can be quite ruthless with his abilities. Can you see his face in the pen drive on the left or is that a simple plug.

We all love this guy

Image Source: brightside.me


3No disrespect to Woody Harrelson.

Certainly o disrespect to Woody Harrelson, the American movie star of movies like Now You See Me, 2012, The Highwaymen and Hunger games to name a few. But to see his face on the wrinkled folds of a man’s obsese stomach? How gross.

No disrespect to Woody Harrelson.

Image Source: caak.mn


4A chair that looks like hawking

It sure took some creative thinking for the guy who posted this on social media wondering if anyone else saw Stephen Hawking in the chair and actually it quite looks like him because of the off angle the chair is placed at and the broken head rest.

A chair that looks like hawking

Image Source: papataci.com


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