15 Lies Hollywood Movies Have Made Us Believe Are True

11Light in space suits

You have seen this in every Hollywood movie dealing with outer space. The actor’s face is clearly visible in their spacesuit through their helmet. This is false as space suits are usually not lit from the inside. They are completely dark on the inside as any light inside the suit will only disturb the astronaut wearing it.


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12Choking and lifting a person with one hand

This is something that can only be done by a character with superpowers. This is not physically possible unless the character doing the lifting is a bodybuilder and the person being lifted is a skinny person or child. No adult human can choke the life out of another adult human. You will need both hands but that does not make a cool shot.


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13Sword casting is easy

Making a sword according to Hollywood movies is easy. Molten steel is poured into a stone mold, dipped into water and then hammered. This used to be how swords were created but real swords are forged from pre-processed metal bars. This is what is used in battle and will be strong enough to use during a fight.


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14Explosions are no big deals

Explosions are massive balls of fire and force. They are definitely a big deal. You know the cool walk characters do when an explosion takes place behind their back. In reality, even if they were 20 feet away they would stumble depending on the size of the blast. If you’re close you can also get burnt.


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15Main characters are tall

Every action or big-budget movie you’ve seen has a tall protagonist. This is not true and is just a trope Hollywood movies still use. We all know that Tom Cruise is just 5.57 feet tall. But even today in some of his movies he looks just as tall as his co-stars. Take the Avengers for example where Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Robert Downey Jr. are all of different heights but they look the same in the movie.


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