15 Lies Hollywood Movies Have Made Us Believe Are True

We all have seen that the FBI takes some time to trace a call and you need to keep talking to the person on the other end. We know that you can learn to play any instrument really fast if you really have that burning passion for music. What if we told you that all that and much more are nothing but lies Hollywood keeps telling you.


The idea of someone without any skill delivering a knockout punch is one in a million. There are so many things we have come to believe that are all lies thanks to Hollywood movies.

1“One phone call”

You’ve heard this line in countless Hollywood movies when a character gets arrested he is told by the arresting officer that they have the right to an attorney as well as a phone call. This is known as the Miranda rule but this only applies to the United States. In other countries, this rule does not exist. And another fun fact is that this law is different in each state of the US.


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2One punch knockout

This looks so cool in movies when a big guy charges towards a smaller one and in a split second with just one punch is knocked out cold. This cannot be done by anyone and requires years of practice to master and execute safely. If done by someone without any training this could easily lead to death or severe brain damage.


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3Musicians who train fast

You have seen this story a million times. A boy or a girl picks up a guitar, strums it for a few months and then takes over the musical world. This is just false on so many levels as people do have a musical sense but nobody is born with the knowledge of musical instruments in them. It takes around 5 to 6 months of heavy practice to get everything in order.


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4Tracking calls

We all remember in all those old action movies when people would wait patiently for the bad guy to call and once the call was picked up it would be a tense scene of verbal tennis to keep him on long enough for the police, FBI, CIA to track his location. This was great before 2005 after which call tracking became easier and much faster.


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5Hanging on with one hand

You’ve seen this in countless movies. A person is hanging on with both hands for dead life and then the hero lends them a helping hand. But, in order to reach the helping hand, they let go and hang on with just one hand while using the other to reach out. This is physically impossible for an average human as you will need incredible grip strength to pull it off.


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