Jennifer Lawrence Refuses To Put Robe Between Takes Of Nude Scene; Makes Film Crew Uncomfortable


Jennifer Lawrence is a big star and there is no doubt about it. She simply slays it in what she does. She has recently shot for her upcoming movie “Red Sparrow.” There are many people who are not comfortable with nudity whereas there are others who just love to hang out everything. Jennifer is surely among the latter. She was so comfortable with her own body at the sets of Red Sparrow that she made people on the sets uncomfortable.

1 Jennifer is not the one who is known to be shy

Jennifer is known for her brave moves and she is also not the one who is known to be shy. She grabbed a lot of attention when she talked about butt plugs in an interview with Conan O’Brien and surely gave her most embarrassing moment to Jimmy Fallon. Jennifer is known for her brazen attitude.

Jennifer is known for her brave

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2Jennifer is all set to be seen in movie “Red Sparrow”

Jennifer was playing the role of a Russian spy who gets into a relationship with a CIA agent which was played by Australian actor Joel Edgerton on the sets of movie called Red Sparrow. As she was shooting for the part which required her to strip in many of the scenes, Jennifer did not cover up between the takes.

jenifer in Red Sparrow

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3Jennifer was comfortable being nude between takes

Jennifer’s refusal to cover up between the takes had made many of the crew uncomfortable. She was very comfortable being nude while on the sets of Red Sparrow. But, it caused blushes to many people on the sets.

Jennifer was comfortable

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4Jennifer was not bothered to put a robe on her body

Jennifer has also confessed in an interview that she was more comfortable and liberated to stay the way she was in front of the camera. Jennifer was not bothered to put a robe on her body and take off once camera was on. She was just comfortable being completely naked in front of people.

jenifer during the shoot

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