Jaw Dropping Things Only A Few Of US Can See In Real Life

There are some truly breathtaking sights in this world and only a few people are lucky enough to get a chance to witness them when they’re alive. Lucky for us photographs exist and the people who witness these incredible sights take images of what they see and spread them using the Internet.


Today we’re going to see some really strange and stunning sights. You’re going to see things like a dress made of fiber optics that can light up, a dog that looks like a statue, a Christmas card with an image of a fire that looks realistic and much more.

1The model is still loading

This is some daredevil engineering, just look at it. It looks like someone forgot to build the lower floors to match the upper ones. We do appreciate new and creative yet stylish designs but this has to have some impact on the stability of the entire building. Can you imagine someone walking under this building and looks up?

Image Source: zefirka.net

2When you go fast and furious in real life

Yes, that is a tyre on a car that has just melted. We’re told that this is because of the heat where this image was taken. At first, we thought this image was only possible if the driver spun the wheel of the car really hard for a really long time. But then we realized the image is of the front tyre and could only because if it melted while not moving.

Image Source: btwinmylife.com

3Smoking cloud

This looks like a cloud exhaling smoke. This was caused when a face shaped cloud went past the sun. This is one stunning image and something not all of us will get to see in real life. It is one of those once in a lifetime moments and if you don’t capture it on film you will never see it ever again.

Image Source: mtdata.ru

4The real big dog

If you think this image has been Photoshopped, we’re sorry to say, you’re wrong. This is a real image and the man in the image is said to be 6’3”. So, we can safely say, that is one huge dog. This is a common issue seen and noted in many species of animals. They grow huge and overshadow other animals of their own species.

Image Source: dlyakota.ru

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