Interesting Stories and Facts about Kissing


The art of kissing has been around for centuries.However, today we are going to explore some interesting facts and stories about kissing. Did you know in some states a man is not allowed to kiss his wife on Sunday? Moreover, yet in some others a man with a mustache is not allowed to kiss anyone. Talk about tough and yet strange laws.

1 Young Lady’s First and Final Kiss

Jemma Benjamin, a shy yet wonderfully bright young lady, suddenly died after kissing her true love for the first time. Her yet undeclared boyfriend Daniel Ross were on their way to go to a bar and get something to eat when Ross realized he did not have his credit card. Ross stopped to pick up his credit card when Benjamin gave him a kiss. That is when the unfortunate tragedy hit Benjamin and Ross. Benjamin began to foam at the mouth and go into what appeared to be a seizure. Benjamin was rushed to the hospital but, unfortunately, arrived dead on arrival. Though no cause of death was determined,it is suspected she died from SADS also known as Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome.

Young Lady's First and Final Kiss

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