20 Incredible Images That Will Show You Just How Crazy Our World Can Be

15How Does That Even Work?

That, believe it or not, is a slide in a children’s playground. Just looking at the design and structure, how can children enjoy sliding down it? If it was just the shape of the slide it would’ve been okay. But looking at the side lumps, one after the other, how can children slide down without getting hurt?

How Does That Even Work

Image Source: redd.it

14Not What You Would Like To Find In Your House

When moving into a new house there are many things people expect to find. Plumbing that needs repairing, walls that need painting, etc. What a new homeowner would not ever like to find is an insect infestation especially a huge, massive honeycomb. When the constant buzzing noise couldn’t be located the homeowner took to checking inside the walls when he found this surprise.

Massive honeycomb

Image Source: correiodoar.com.br

13When You Have Trolls For Neighbours

This is exactly what you think, a real mouse trap with the wrong mouse. This could be a prank played by neighbours. One may have set the trap to catch a real rodent and the next door neighbour in the spirit of mischief placed the wrong mouse in it.

When You Have Trolls For Neighbours

Image Source: yandex.ru

12When You Hate The Building You Live In

If you’re confused about what you’re seeing, is the inside of an elevator where the pushbutton controls have been made confusing by sticking fake floor button pictures beside the real ones. This may have been a prank but a huge problem for the residents of the building.

When You Hate The Building You Live In

Image Source: www.radio1.si

11When The College Has A Tight Budget

One could say this picture was taken when the janitor came into clean but no janitor would use the floor mop to clean the board. Either the teacher couldn’t find or didn’t have a board cleaner. Either that or that is one lazy teacher who didn’t consider it important to use a board cleaner and just went with a floor cleaner. We do have to say it does take way less time cleaning the board this way.

When The College Has A Tight Budget

Image Source: imgur.com


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