15 Images That Will Make It Easier for You To Understand Women’s Logic

Men and women might belong to the same species but we do not think alike. The joke for centuries has been that women should stay in the kitchen but the truth is, women are smarter and cleverer than men.


Men are simple creatures to understand and while the smartest ones of our gender might look mysterious and intimidating to understand we can still figure them out. Women, on the other hand, are actually mysterious and every time we try to figure them out, we fail. We have tried our best to compile 15 tips that might help you understand your girlfriend or wife someday.

1How women claim the bathroom

If you have a girlfriend or wife you will notice this. Go to the bathroom and look around. You will see a ton of hair conditioners, body lotions, and shampoos. The reason why this becomes a problem is that her stuff takes up most of the place and most of the bottles are usually empty or almost empty.

How women claim the bathroom
Image Source: imgur.com

2 Different types of women

There are basically two types of women in this world. One who is proud of her tastes and isn’t ashamed of it and shows it off boldly in public. The other is more private about her tastes and the things she likes. They will not publicly show interests even if they are interested unless alone or with their closest friends.

Different types of women
Image Source: ellechase.com

3Women have habits

This image was uploaded with the user saying that his girlfriend told him he buys the exact same type of shoes all the time. This was a huge complaint from his girlfriend. As we can see in the image, his girlfriend does the same. She buys the same type of heels and boots. Looks like these two are the perfect match for each other.

Women have habits
Image Source: baomoi.zadn.vn

4Women during spring

This is a fact and something we all will be seeing this coming springtime. Any beautiful garden will be full of young girls taking cute selfies to post on their social media. We aren’t saying this is a bad thing just that it is a fact. Springtime can be also called selfie time.

Women during spring
Image Source: pikabu.ru

5Women love shoes

It is a fact that women are more fashionable than men and it shows. As men, we can wear one type of shoes with pretty much anything and usually have two pairs of shoes. Women on the other hand like to match their clothes and look good. That is the reason why they usually have more shoes than us.

Women love shoes
Image Source: petmaya.com

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