I’m Sorry Officer, This Isn’t Mine: Lamest Criminals’ Excuses

So they got caught and weren’t smart enough to think of something witty and sharp to get themselves out of the situation. They lied some terrible lies and they are going to be remembered as the dumbest criminals with the lamest excises.

1 “This prostitute was going to show me where to buy tomatoes!”

Yes, it was an actual excuse, believe it or not. In 2013, UK police discovered a prostitute waiting inside a car. The car’s owner, Muhammad Ikhlaq, was nearby getting cash from an ATM. When questioned, Ikhlaq told cops the money was for tomatoes and that the woman was going to show him a good place to buy them. “I’ve heard some excuses before, but in the 10 years that I have been a police officer I have never heard a of a kerb crawler covering up his crimes by claiming to be buying tomatoes,” Walsall police’s PC Stacey Paterson told the BBC.Ikhlaq was found guilty of soliciting and fined 400 pounds. Now that was a creative answer.

This prostitute was going to show me where to buy tomatoes

Image Source: www.cdn.inquisitr.com

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