History of the most famous barbie dolls

The most famous doll, the number one doll in every girl’s childhood has evolved so much during the decades, that if you compare today’s Barbie to the very first one, the difference would be unbelievable. This is how the doll has been building its style and image through the years.


1 The very first Barbie-1959

Teeny-tiny waist, a great swimsuit, and those eyes. What are those eyes telling us? Look out world, because I’m a skinny, bad-ass model and you can’t tell me nuthin’! Why she’s fun to play with: Quite simply, as a little girl, you can play with this doll and imagine the day that your mom and dad won’t go berserk at the idea of you wearing read nail paint.

The very first Barbie 1959

Image Source: www.entertainmentearth.com


2 Day to Night Barbie

The cool thing about this Barbie is that she showed little girls and women that the transition from job to “party” time is easy. You wear the suit coat and the hair up in a bun during the day, and for the evening, whip off that coat to reveal a sleeveless, sequined shirt that helps you turn into a gorgeous lady. And of course, the hair comes down in the evening too. This Barbie planted a very important seed in the minds of little girls – the career seed. This doll showed us that being a Supermodel wasn’t the only cool job to have – working in an office could be cool too.

Day to Night Barbie

Image Source: www.beautyfrosting.com


3 Western Barbie

Western Barbie, and her companion, Dallas, gave us a glimpse into life of a ranch. She was dressed in cowgirl boots and cowgirl hat. The fun thing about this Barbie; she winks! Seriously – she has a button on her back, and when you press it, she winks. She also had pretty big 1980’s hair.

Western Barbie

Image Source: www.toptenz.net


4 Christie, Barbie’s first Afro-American friend

This Barbie is a clear example of Barbie expanding her horizons. In 1968 Mattel introduced Christie, Barbie’s Afro-American friend. While her features are very similar (if not identical) to the white Barbie being manufactured at the time, this is clearly a very important step in the Barbie line. And, this doll was an example of how little black girls could aspire to the same dreams as their white counterparts. This doll is fun because she leveled the beauty playing field with her white counterpart, showing the world that black is beautiful too.

Christie, Barbie’s first Afro-American friend

Image Source: www.toptenz.net


5 Super star Barbie

Now she was the bomb she represented glamour, glamour, glamour – and what little girl doesn’t want to grow up and be glamorous? The pink satin dress, and the jewelry around her hands, around the neck and in the ears just gave little girls room to fantasize about the day when they’d be able to be the same – all glam.

Super star Barbie

Image Source: www.bp.blogspot.com


6 Golden Dreams Barbie

Golden Dreams was more the Barbie that you could imagine on a motorcycle, telling Ken to hop on the back (because, Barbie would never let Ken drive her bike, of course.) The fun part about this doll was the fact that Superstar Christie had beautiful brown hair and a copper-colored streak in her hair just to let you know – she was pretty, and she had an incredible smile, but if you crossed her the wrong way, it was game on, she wouldn’t let you go unpunished.

Golden Dreams Barbie

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7 India Barbie

Introduced in 1982, India Barbie was one of the first “brown” Barbies of the International Collection (now known as “Dolls of the World.”) In 1982, Mattel went step forward with the introduction of this collection. While Mattel definitely could have focused only on Europe for the International series, the company went bold with this decision and decided to branch out to cultures not well-known for the Western World (especially USA). Playing with India Barbie was fun because: You could read the box to learn about India, then imagine what India Barbie’s life was like, and attempt to recreate it while assimilating Barbie and her friends to Indian culture.

India Barbie

Image Source: www.barbiecollector.com


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