Hilarious and Ultimate Examples Of Parking Revenge

Driving and parking struggles are something that you face daily especially if you live in a big city. It is a tough task to drive in the busy streets and can be a total mood spoiler if you happen to see cars parked in the wrong way as if they own the road. Some may just have a look and overlook them, but some have taken it as a responsibility and moved ahead to teach these idiot parkers’ a lesson. Here are few pictures that will let you have a glimpse on the parking counterblows that people have used to treat all the inconsiderate parkers.


1Tit for tat treatment

This trash parker needs a standing ovation! Looking at this picture we get to know how annoyed people must have been seeing this fearless parker park his car in the middle of the street. As an act of revenge, people gave him exactly what he deserved, and that was trash barriers for trash parking. His car was barricaded from both sides with trash bins to give him a retreat. I wish I get to see the camera clippings to see this parker’s face having a jolly good time removing the bins to get his car out.

Tit for tat treatment

Image Source: www.happiest.net


2If you know to play we will tell you how to play it

An explicit example of unity which is rare to be seen nowadays. This nut head parker happened to park his car in the mid of the street which was not an eye candy in any case. Digesting this was something really hard, and few really great people planned to coordinate and teach him a lesson. I wonder if this poor man has all these car fellows number to call them up when he actually comes and sees his car having this VIP treatment.

If you know to play

Image Source: emgn.com


3This car got a new cover

How nice it feels when you get to have a new car with the inaugural ribbons, but will this man like his new cover? This man didn’t know where to park, and people so nicely interpreted him that now he will not come to know from where to get in? This cellophane cover with “no parking” written on it sure to make this shitty head parker remember the no parking zone rules for the next time. I wish this parker a happy time unboxing his new car!

This car got a new cover

Image Source: emgn.com


4And the award goes to

If you want to take revenge in a silent way, then AWARDS really work. The inconsiderate parkers prize goes to the one and only MR. Shitty Head. This award-winning car parker is sure to remember his award ceremony every time he sneaks out to park his car occupying two car parking slots. Sometimes what actions cannot do, words can! I really want to see this man getting his award!

Parking revenge

Image Source: imgur.com


5The ultimate revenge

What if you are in the biggest shopping zone in your city? This does not permit you to park your car anywhere you wish. When this car parker comes out of the shopping mall with the shopping cart, surely he/she is going to be surprised to see the loop of shopping cars welcoming. What a tiresome job it will be to take out the carts one by one to make space for getting in the car. Hope the parker remembers it every time he/she sees a no-parking zone.

The ultimate revenge

Image Source: duckduckgo.com


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