20 Heartwarming Images Of Coronanews That Will Change Your Mind About People These Days

What with Italy showing an increase in the number of coronavirus cases and deaths since yesterday the 9 April 2020, and the US crossing 470,000 cases, the situation is grim and we have nothing to be happy about. But, in such an unfortunate scenario, what we have to look forward to is a better understanding and appreciation of the human spirit where humanity is finally being rediscovered. The coronavirus may be taking lives, but what it cannot take away is the indomitable fighting spirit of the human soul buried beneath the stress of everyday life but which rises to an occasion when needed. These images will inspire us to remain hopeful and continue to fight in the face of extreme odds. They will keep our spirits up knowing that the majority of us still value humanity.

1 Suzanne Hoylaerts 90 gave up her respirator for younger patients

Suzanne Hoylaerts 90 from Belgium is one of the victims of the coronavirus, but it was her choice to refuse a respirator after COVID19 attacked her respiratory system. This is the reason she offered. “Save it for the youngest [who need it most], I’ve already had a beautiful life.” Not all #Heroes wear capes!

Image Source: boredpanda.com


2Giampiero Gieron returned to duty at 85

When you are needed as a doctor or nurse, it doesn’t matter how old you are. For some in the medical field, the Hippocratic Oath means a lot and that’s exactly what 85-year-old Giempiero Gieron stood by when he returned to duty in spite of being retired, a legend in Italy, he also helped with the first heart transplant.

Image Source: redd.it

3Khaled Beydoun, an Arab immigrant in Italy gives away free fruit with a heartwarming message

Khaled Beydoun, an Arab immigrant fruit market owner in Italy gives free fruit to those who can’t afford it. His message says everything “You welcomed me into your country 10 years ago, Today I return the favor to you.”

Image Source: boredpanda.com


4Refugee family in Canada returns the favor

The picture below says it all. Incidentally, Marlena Hartz, director of communications of GlobalGiving, an NGO said that in times of the coronavirus crisis, it seems people have started giving more. She said, “Our data shows that giving continues to be strong right now, and people are responding generously to help those in need.” GlobalGiving has raised more than $1 million for their Coronavirus relief fund.

Image Source: www.barnorama.com

5Man in Morristown, NJ standing outside the emergency room with a thank you sign to healthcare workers

It is actions like this that are heartwarming. Marlena finds it inspiring to see how several people around the world are showing their support on social media for stopping Covid 19. “People are so creative. From this hand-washing parody to celebrity giving challenges, we’re continually surprised and overjoyed by the ingenuity and kindness of people in the midst of this global crisis.”

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