15 Heartwarming Acts Of Kindness That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

11When your doctors really care

The mark on the wrist was due to surgery. Now, most doctors would do their job and cut the skin in a way that would be easy for them to operate. But since the patient had a tattoo his doctor decided to not cut in a straight line through the tattoo. These are the small gestures that make the biggest impact.

When your doctors really care

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12When they say forever and mean it

This is what true love looks like. Not only are they twining at this age but they are still together. Some couples know the real meaning of love. When they say forever they actually mean it. They know that a relationship takes work to make it last.

When they say forever and mean it

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13Final stages of dementia

The couple has been married for 34 years. The wife and mother has been diagnosed with dementia for 5 years now. Her husband has taken a full-time job of taking care of her. She doesn’t even know his name but he still takes care of her without hesitation. This is what real love looks like.

Final stages of dementia

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14Falling in love all over again

This old lady has dementia and every day she meets the family dog for the first time and falls in love with it all over again. This is a bittersweet pleasure that most of us will never understand. The love between a person and an animal is something that even sickness cannot destroy.

Falling in love all over again

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15Miracle child

The lady who posted this image was 42. She was told all her life that she could not have children. But she defied the odds and had this beautiful baby boy named Henry. This is the miracle of life and how it can easily surprise as well as bless us.

Miracle child

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