15 Heartwarming Acts Of Kindness That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

2020 is shaping up to be a rather gloomy year with multiple tragedies taking place amidst a pandemic. But, there are still people who can easily bring a smile to your face with their beautiful acts of kindness. These people know no boundaries when it comes to helping their fellow man. It doesn’t matter how grim the world gets, these people will continue to do good. If you wanted to know what real love and beautiful and inspiring moments looked like then keep reading.


1Loving bond of a grandson and grandmother

This is an incredibly heartwarming image of a grandson doing his best to make his grandmother feel comfortable. The grandmother is 84-years-old and was recently hospitalized. She had to wear her nightgown at home which made her feel embarrassed. To make her feel comfortable her grandson wore a nightgown as well.

Loving bond of a grandson and grandmother

Image Source: theb.lv


2This adorable dwarf pony

This adorable dwarf pony’s name is Pumpkin and he was born with a deformity due to unethical breeding practices. This deformity led him to not have proper legs thus making him unable to walk. But, thanks to the Bionic Vet and the Twist of Fate Farm & Sanctuary who gave Pumpkin bionic legs. Now, this little fellow can walk again.

This adorable dwarf pony

Image Source: inspiremore.com


3Finding your missing cat

It is a known fact that most people today are not that kind towards stray animals. Losing your pet is one of the worst feelings for any pet owner. This man was very lucky when he was able to find his pet cat thanks to some really kind and helpful strangers. This has restored his faith in humanity.

Finding your missing cat

Image Source: imgur.com


4Helping the customer

This image was taken at a Waffle House in La Marque, Texas. The elderly man who uses an oxygen cylinder to breathe told the waitress that he couldn’t cut his food as he was weak. The waitress without hesitation began cutting his food for him. This small gesture for us must have touched the man’s heart as it was a big gesture for him.

Helping the customer

Image Source: twimg.com


5When you get into the university you wanted to

This young man was just told that he finally passed one of Brazil’s famously difficult university entrance exams. Prior to this, he made a deal to clean the prep school’s entire building for free classes to prepare for the exam. His hard work finally paid off which should be a lesson for the rest of us.

When you get into the university you wanted to

Image Source: tvtecjundiai.com.br


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