Two Grandmas are given a $200,000 Lamborghini, what happens next is hilarious

Here is something that is bound to give you a god hearty laugh. But before that what would you do if you were given a Lamborghini to rive around one day. Would that make you squeal in delight? Now the Lamborghini is of course a swanky car and a symbol of high society but watch what happens here where two grandmas given a Lamborghini to drive in will make your day.

High society be damned! Swanky car be damned!! Our two loving grandmas even educe the sophistication of its name to bits and decide to call it Lambo and Gini. The video at the end is hilarious.

1 Lambo Grannies have a rocking time

An initiative by Donut media, two lovable grannies were given this black and beautiful Lamborghini to drive for a day. The 650 ho Murcielago no less and these grandma’s were given the key to drive it around. Obviously to get it out of their driveway itself is a scene of amusement. Peggy the driver even fumbles to look for the reverse.

Now c’mon you can’t accept a grandma used to a buggy to be comfortable with such a swanky vehicle but!! To much surprise, These two Grannies aren’t backing down, they crack jokes about the car and have a rocking whale of a time.

Lambo Grannies have a rocking time

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