You Are Going To Crack Up After Reading These Funny Letters Written By Kids To Santa

11No new gifts!

Well, this is something that actually her mother would have known, but apparently, she doesn’t. So, Sophie has asked Santa to look for her leggings and tell her where her pair is. Just that!

No new gifts!

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12The Good Boy and the bad boy

Tyler here knows that he has been a good boy and also acknowledges that at times he is lazy, which makes him a bad boy. So, after giving his explanations, he goes on to ask for all the toys that he wants for Christmas.

The Good Boy and the bad boy

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13Too demanding!

Adopting a rather menacing tone, this kid asks for a pony. And he looks damn serious in demanding his present, so much so that if his pony doesn’t reach him, Santa will have to face the consequences!

Too demanding

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14Two messages in one letter

This letter is rather an interesting one, considering it has two messages coming from one house. The message that comes first is from a child who loves Santa and hopes that he likes the cookies, but the other kid has taken a totally opposite stance. Howsoever funny the second message may look like at first, but we would really like this kid to settle his issues with Santa because hoping such a fate for Father Christmas will only make him end up in the naughty list.

Two messages in one letter

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15A Forward-thinker

This kid knows that Santa brings battery-operated toys for him, but always forgets the batteries. So, this time he is making sure that Santa brings the batteries also so that he can instantly start playing with his toys.


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