You Are Going To Crack Up After Reading These Funny Letters Written By Kids To Santa

6No time to write the list

Here, the work has been outsourced to the dad. Santa will have to talk to the father of the kid to know what all is desired. Although the child has no time or patience to list out the gifts but sends lots of love to Father Christmas. Isn’t that sweet?

No time to write the list

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7A caring kid

This one has taken it upon himself/herself to tell Santa that he is overweight and that he seriously needs to lose some of those extra pounds. Being careful of his diet, the kid has decided to not leave cookies for him and has rather made a new menu with vegetables and Ultra Slim Milk.

caring kid

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8Easing the pressure

Even this kid knows that it might get tough for Santa to arrange for all the toys that kids demand from him, so he has just asked for some money.

Easing the pressure

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9Everything for the family

This girl is totally sorted in the sense that she knows exactly what she wants not just for herself, but for her entire family. And on top of that, she even asks what kind of cookies Santa would like to have.

Everything for the family

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10All questions!

She doesn’t want anything for herself, but has a whole bunch of questions for Santa. This little girl asks all sorts of questions; ranging from the kind of cookies he likes to the number of underwear he has.

All questions

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