You Are Going To Crack Up After Reading These Funny Letters Written By Kids To Santa

Children have done their job of being naughty or nice the year round, and now they are ready to take their presents from Father Christmas. One of the best things that we get to see this time of the year on the internet are the letters from kids to Santa, which are obviously published by their parents on different social media platforms.

This year too, we have some real gems in the form of letters which these kids have written in all honesty to their beloved bearded gift-bringer. Some kids just talk to Santa, while some give out an entire list of gifts and some, on the other hand, are just pure pushy and demand nothing less than perfection in their presents. No matter what they write and what they want, kids never fail to crack us up through their words. So, let’s get started and show you some of the inappropriate yet funny letters that went to the North Pole.

1A deferred present

This one knows what she wants, but more than that she also knows that, she doesn’t want it just yet. A sister would be great, but she would rather wait for two more years.

A deferred present

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2He seriously wants to change

He has remained a kid till now and possibly he is tired after all these years. Knowing that dragons are powerful and big, he now wants to become one. He even gives a second option to Santa but emphasizes that he would rather love it if Santa could turn him into a dragon.

kids letter santa

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3Great Idea!

This is my favorite one! The little kid here knows that the world is facing a problem by the presence of all those guns and he asked Santa to do the sweetest thing possible to end the hatred that in there in the world.

kids writing letter to santa

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4Demanding a real dog

Although the other things that this kid wants are quite simple, but him demanding a dog that poops; is something that has made me fall in love with him. He probably knows that he might get a fake dog, so he is making sure on his part, that he gets the real deal!

Demanding a real dog

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5A house full of pets

This kid surely loves animals a whole lot than we can even imagine. If his demands are met, his house is going to be full of pets and he can then enjoy to the core!

house full of pets

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