20 Famous People Who Were the Inspiration behind Your Favorite Characters

16Smurfette-Katy Perry

The Smurfs were a huge hit both on TV and on the large screen. The inspiration behind Smurfette is Katy Perry who has also voiced the character. She did take a considerable amount of time to prepare for the role and was quoted as saying “it’s like my voice and a bag of rocks, with a pinch of sugar.”

Smurfette-Katy Perry

Image Source: capitalfm.com


17Tintin-Palle Huld

Tintin the daring young Belgian journalist spanned generations and entertained us with his adventures and heroics. Huld was a Danish film actor and writer who acted in almost 40 movies. When he journeyed across the world at the age of fifteen, his travels inspired comic creator Herge to make the iconic character Tintin.

Tintin-Palle Huld

Image Source: www.barnorama.com

18Archie Andrews- Mickey Rooney

Who has never heard of Archie? Today the younger generation may be following the Netflix serial “Riverdale” on TV but in earlier days, it was the comic that gave many moments of fun. The redhead from Riverdale was inspired by popular actor Mickey Rooney who was also a redhead and quite popular as a teen star of his days.

Archie Andrews- Mickey Rooney

Image Source: hermoments.com


19America Chavez-Beyonce

America Chavez creator and cartoonist Joe Quinones admits he is a Beyonce fan and has paid tribute to the singer superstar by taking inspiration from her look in her “Formation Video”. The look is clearly there although America Chavez has been dressed in the colors of the Stars and Stripes.

America Chavez-Beyonce

Image Source: abc.com

20Bugs Bunny-Clark Gable

Bugsy is truly a classic comic character and part of loony toons. It was said that Bugs Bunny was inspired by Clark Gable the then reigning king of Hollywood. His seductive smirk and fast-talking style served as the mannerisms of the smooth-talking rabbit.

Bugs Bunny-Clark Gable

Image Source: looper.com


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