20 Famous People Who Were the Inspiration behind Your Favorite Characters

6Edna Mode-Edith head

Edna Mode is the half Japanese-Half German designer from the incredible. Her looks were fashioned after American costume designer Edith Head. Head has won 8 Oscars and has been nominated 35 times for best costume design in films.

Edna Mode-Edith head

Image Source: scstylecaster.com


7Belle-Sherri Stoner

Sherri Stoner worked for Disney for several years as writer and producer. She also served as a model for characters among which the most noticeable was Belle in Disney’s 1991 adaption of beauty and the Beast.

Belle-Sherri Stoner

Image Source: scstylecaster.com

8Pocahontas-Irene Bedard

Irene Bedard, the Native American actress not only inspired the look of Indian Princess Pocahontas; she also voiced the character in the 1995 Disney animated film. Her mannerisms also provided the inspiration for the character’s movement.

Pocahontas-Irene Bedard


9Snow White-Marge Champion

Disney’s adaptation of Snow White in 1937 relied on hand-drawn boards for animation as was the process in those days. Snow White was modeled after Marge Champion the popular actress of the thirties.

Snow White-Marge Champion

Image Source: cvcdn.com

10Milhouse Van Houtens-Paul Pfeiffer

Here is one character modeled after another character. Remember Paul Pfeiffer from the “Wonder Years” Well he was played by Josh Saviano and his character served as the inspiration for Milhouse Van Houtens of the Simpsons.

Milhouse Van Houtens-Paul Pfeiffer

Image Source: ytimg.com


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