20 Famous People Who Were the Inspiration behind Your Favorite Characters

What would our childhood have been without the likes of Disney, Hanna – Barbera, and all those cartoon creators? From Snow White to the Simpsons, we lived moments of laughter and fantasy. We aspired to be like them and even mimicked them as children. We even started eating spinach because of Popeye. When the animation movies came out, it was exciting because we had a chance to see our favorite characters move in action on the screen. It was then that movies like Alladin enthralled us all. But did you know that behind the looks and features of these cartoon characters are the looks of equally famous people? Here are 22 cartoon characters inspired by celebrities and stars in real life.

1 Alladin-Tom Cruise

It was Jeffrey Katzenberg the then chairman of Disney who came up with the idea of the look of Alladin. The original design was based on the looks of Michael.J.Fox but Katzenberg wanted a more iconic hero so he suggested the rising star of Hollywood, Tom Cruise.

Alladin-Tom Cruise

Image Source: pinimg.com


2Genie-Robin Williams

Well, the genie in Alladin was meant to be a very charismatic and funny figure and who fit the bill perfectly was none other than Robin Williams. Williams was also the voice behind the character of genie and it matched the character beautifully.

Genie-Robin Williams

Image Source: abcotvs.com

3Betty Boop-Helen Kane

In 1930, the max Fleischer and paramount Studio Corporation created a caricature of the declining singer Helen Kane who was portrayed as the original 1920’s Boop-Boop-a-Doop girl. Kane even took them to court for the unfair portrayal but lost her case. The original inspiration for Betty Boop did not even get paid a dime for it.

Betty Boop-Helen Kane

Image Source: ahram.org.eg


4Ariel-Alyssa Milano

Today Alyssa Milano is an established actress, singer, and producer. But when she was young she was widely known as the little girl in the popular sitcom “Who’s the Boss”. It was Milano whose cute looks inspired the making of Ariel, in Disney’s adaption of the little mermaid.

Ariel-Alyssa Milano

Image Source: ytimg.com

5Ursula-Harris Glen Milstead

While there were arguments between makers of Ariel for the voice of Ursula, her looks, on the other hand, was inspired by sea creatures and the look of the seventies drag queen Harris Glen Milstead who went by the stage name “Divine’.

Ursula-Harris Glen Milstead

Image Source: ytimg.com


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