5 Famous magic tricks and the secrets behind them

We all love magic, even if it is as small as an elder stealing your nose when you were a child or your dad producing a coin from behind your ear. Magic is something that brings the curiousness out of people about how certain things are done and we have decided to unearth the secrets to 5 of the most popular magic tricks. Read them and enjoy.

1 Person sliced into two

One of the best and most awe-inspiring tricks in magic is seeing a person, a live person being sawed in half and still the person is alive. The trick usually starts with the beautiful assistant of the magician lying in the box that resembles a coffin. Then the magician starts by slowly cutting the box into to two. The reaction amongst the audiences is of complete awe and surprise to see the girl still alive and moving both the upper and lower body independently.

Person sliced into two

Image Source: www.twimg.com

The secret behind this is the chamber in which the lady sits in is actually deeper than what audiences see. This gives the magician space to make two ladies sit in the coffin shaped box, one girl with only her legs visible and when the cutting of box is done, the magician usually asks the assistant to move her feet and the other assistant then wiggles her feet and that’s how the illusion is completed.

Person sliced into two

Image Source: www.diply.com

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