Famous Historical Events You Learnt About That Never Really Happened

6Einstein was never bad at math

The story goes that while studying in Switzerland Einstein got 1 in a math test which led people to believe he was bad as today 1 is the lowest and 6 is the highest. What people do not know is that when Einstein got that grade 1 was the highest and 6 was the lowest. When it was changed to reflect the opposite, Einstein’s grade remained the same.

Einstein was never bad at math

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7There were not just 300 Spartans

According to myth and legend and that one Zack Snyder movie from 2006, 300 Spartans stood up against a vast Persian army for 3 whole days before succumbing to defeat and their deaths. The truth is actually that there were just 300 Spartans but they had almost 4000 allies beside them helping them in their fight. The Persian army was double their size but they had a geographical advantage.

There were not just 300 Spartans

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8Pocahontas and John Smith’s fictional love story

According to the stories told Pocahontas the Native American girl had a love story with English colonist, John Smith. But the fact of the matter was the age difference between the two. John was 27 while Pocahontas was only 11 years old. While in captivity, the two did spend time talking to each other and teaching one another their languages but they never had a love story.

Pocahontas and John Smith’s fictional love story

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9People did not jump to their deaths after the stock market crashed

October 29, 1929, is known as Black Tuesday as it was the day that the stock market crashed and Wall Street investors lost around 30 billion dollars. It was one of the main causes of the Great Depression. This day is also remembered as the day many investors jumped to their deaths. But, the reality is that Winston Churchill saw a German chemist named Dr. Otto Matthies fall from his hotel window which sparked the rumors.

People did not jump to their deaths after the stock market crashed

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10Blackout Of 1965 did not increase the birthrates

On the 9th of November 1965, there was a giant blackout that affected the northeast region of the US. This left many places in complete darkness for over half a day. The total amount of people affected was around 30 million. Nine months later and papers began reporting the sudden birthrates and linking it to the night the power went out. Further investigation revealed that the news was false and the birthrates were just slightly higher than the previous year.

Blackout Of 1965 did not increase the birthrates

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