15 Family Photo Recreations That Are Too Funny and Emotional Also

11Dog and the owner

In the first photo, the boy was in his teenage years and the dog was a small puppy while in the second photo, the boy has grown into an adult and the dog is also 10 yrs old. However, the dog still looks cute in the arms of the boy, what do you say?

Image Source: www.recreoviral.com

12Brother and sister

This brother-sister duo loves to have fun while playing in the sand whether it is in childhood or in adulthood. The brother-sister relationship is very special as they spent their childhood together which is the best part of their lives. Everyone has some beautiful memories with their siblings, isn’t it?

Image Source: noticiasaominuto.com.br

13Funny mother and son

These photos of mother and son are very hilarious as the manner in which the baby is kept is quite funny while in the second photo, the son is almost nude like he is in the first photo. It takes a lot of guts to be weird to this extent and we praise both of them, especially the son.

Funny mother and son
Image Source: kleinburd.ru

14Not so cute

You may look cute even while doing something stupid in your childhood but it is not the case in your adulthood. This lady recreated her own photo in which she is eating pasta with sauce all over her mouth and she looked cute but when she did the same thing in adulthood, she looked weird.

Not so cute
Image Source: www.boredpanda.com

15The girl with the attitude

The attitude of the girl is just exemplary whether it was in her childhood or when she grew up, however, exposing kids to liquor in the younger age is not something which we support. Many will feel that girl should show some decency as well but we are not going to make any comment on this matter, what is your opinion, do let us know.

The girl with the attitude
Image Source: hnol.net

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