15 Family Photo Recreations That Are Too Funny and Emotional Also

There is no doubt that a photo speaks a thousand words and it is far easy to express the emotions through the photos than with the words. Most of the times whenever we take a look at the old photo we started thinking about the story associated with it but let us tell you that recreating the old photos can also be fun. Here are 15 photos in which you can see family or friends recreating the old photos and trying to bring alive the magic once again in their relationship. Do let us know which one is your favorite:


1Like father like son

A father will always love to see his son walking on the same path on which he has walked just like this father whose son also joined army. The difference between both the photos is 30 years and the first photo is father’s favorite photo of his eldest son who is also serving the army now.

Image Source: preview.redd.it

2Three cousins

The bond between the sisters is very strong, even if they are cousins as it is in the case of these three cousins who recreated their 15 yrs old photo. The girls are not just dressed in the same manner in the both the photos but what surprises us more is the fact that the middle one is playing with the same type of toy.

Image Source: boredomfiles.com

3Son follows the footstep of his father

In 1998, the son wrote about his wish of joining police like his father, becoming his partner and catching thieves and burglars and after 20 yrs, in 2018 the photo was recreated with the son in police uniform. The son has joined the police and it seems that he has also become partner of his father.

Image Source: sinaimg.cn

4Same attitude

There is a difference of 20 years in both the photos but we have to admit that the beautiful lady had the same attitude even when she was a cute little baby. The photo was posted online by the brother with the caption: “Me And My Sister 20 Years Apart. 1998 – 2018. My Parents Are Hilarious”.

Image Source: smalljoys.me

5Love grows stronger with the age

It is being said that grandparents love their grandkids more than their kids, we don’t know how much true it is but we are sure that the love between the grandparents and grandkids grows stronger with the age. Both the photos show how affectionate a granddad is for his granddaughter, irrespective of the age.

Image Source: twimg.com

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