8 Unknown facts about the comedy series ‘Orange Is the New Black’

Orange Is the New Black is probably the hottest show based on a true story of one Pieper Kerman, who served time in a US women’s prison. The show airs on Netflix and has become one of the best rated and most watched shows in recent times. There are many interesting characters in the show and most of the characters have their own background, which is shown during the episodes, as to what landed them in the prison. For all the fans of the show, we have collected 8 highly interesting facts, which will blow your mind, as the show has already done.


1 Laura Prepon auditioned for a different role

Laura Prepon is a well-known actress known for her role as Donna in the sitcom ‘That 70s Show’. She was called to audition for a very different role in Orange Is the New Black, and the role was of the title character Piper. But the creator of the show Jenji Kohan found her to be too tough for the role of Piper and was instead cast as Alex Vause.

Laura Prepon auditioned for a different role

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2 Actresses wear authentic prison uniform

The actresses, who play the prison inmates in the show, actually went to a real women’s prison to see how things work in the cells and how the inmates live in there. The uniforms that actresses wear in the show are very similar to what real prisoners wear. The orange colored jumpsuit and beige colored suits are designed specifically for the show. Even the undergarments that the actresses wear in the show is court ordered and are really what real inmates wear in the real prisons.

Actresses wear authentic prison uniform

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3 The first scene between Laura and Taylor set the tone

The creator of the show wanted to have chemistry between the characters Piper and Alex as they are in an on and off romantic relationship with each other and often get intimate with each other. To break the ice between actresses-Taylor Schilling, who plays Piper and Laura Prepon, who plays Alex, creator Jenji Kohan filmed the an intimate shower scene between the two actresses as their first scene together to get the chemistry going between the two.

The first scene between Laura and Taylor

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4 Crazy Eyes was supposed to be a temp character

Susanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren played by Uzo Aduba is a beloved character in the show. It is brilliantly acted by the said actress and she was given the role on the day she had decided to quit acting and go to law school. Also the character was supposed to be in just 3 episodes in the first season, but after the audience reaction to the character, it was made a regular for all the forthcoming seasons.

Susanne "Crazy Eyes

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5 What does the Orange in the title stands for?

The ‘Orange is the New Black’ is a very curious title to have for a show. Most people assume that the Orange is for the color of the uniform they wear. Actually the Orange in the title also signifies the place where the show is shot, Orangeburg Road in Orangeburg, Orangetown. This place is apparently located in New York.

Orange is the New Black

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6 Red has a resemblance to another iconic movie character

Kate Mulgrew, who plays Galina “Red” Reznikov is a well-known actress. Incidentally, the character Red, bears striking resemblance to another character known as Red played by Morgan Freeman in the 1994 blockbuster Shawshank Redemption. It the movie, Freeman also smuggles contraband for inmates in the prison, much like to what Red in the show does.

Kate Mulgrew

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7 Oscar winner Jodie Foster is connected to the show

Oscar winner Jodie Foster is not only an amazing actress, but also a talented director. She has directed two episodes of the show, one being third episode of the first season and the pilot of the second season. She asked her agent to get her involved in the show, after she was impressed by the book on which the show is based on.

Oscar winner Jodie Foster

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8 There is something interesting about the faces you see in opening credits

The opening credits of the show are one of the most noticeable ones in recent times. Creator Kohan revealed that the faces you see in the opening credits are of former women prisoners, who were selected specifically so that the right expressions could be captured.


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