12 Brilliant Entries Till Date In The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020

For this year’s comedy Wildlife Award, entries are still pouring in from all over the world. This competition will continue until midnight (BST) of 30th June. This is the 6th year of this competition and it’s absolutely free for all who are interested in participating. So far, these 12 images are the best entries received.


1 “Rough Night”

This picture of the Northern Pygmy-Owl in British Columbia, in Canada portrays what a rough night might seem like by the look on its face. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards was co-founded by Johnson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam both of whom are professional photographers.

Rough Night

Image Source: www.nastroy.net


2 “Wowza!”

This picture of lion cub with a kind of surprised or perplexed expression in Masai Mara, Kenya seem like it is actually saying in awe of something. Such photographs really represent the lighter side of wildlife just the way the creators of this competition intended it to be. They wanted it to focus on the aspect of the lighter side of wildlife which could make people laugh or smile at the beauty of wildlife engaging in somewhat hilarious acts.

Brilliant Entries Till Date In The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020

Image Source: pinimg.com


3 “Confused”

The confused expression of this seal is almost unbelievable yet totally funny. This competition’s mission is solely to promote the conservation of wildlife and their habitats. This, the organizers have sought to do through light-hearted humorous imagery which contains positive messages.

Confused expression of this seal

Image Source: insider.com


4 “Doing The Sand Dance”

This photograph of a Brown Bear in Alaska, USA, rolling around on the sandy shores literally resembles the saying “doing the sand dance”. One of the official partners of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is the Born Free Foundation. This organization focuses on protecting wildlife in the world to ensure that it will be present for the next generation to enjoy.

Doing The Sand Dance

Image Source: danviet.mediacdn.vn


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