Dad transforms his 4 year old son into an Elf on the Shelf and the results are simply adorable

It’s nice to have an elf on the shelf at Christmas. But guess what this dad decided to do this Christmas. Along with his photographer friend Alan, he took the concept of elf on the shelf one step further by making it go live. He transformed Rockwell his 4 month old little son into an elf. By the way, In case you don’t know what’s an elf on the Shelf, it’s a toy or doll elf that you can keep anywhere around your home as if it were a real live elf.

Dad an Alan dressed up little Rockwell as an elf and of course the results were simply adorable. The first position they placed him on had to be the shelf of course. And so here he is your live elf on the shelf.

1 Total sweetness overload!

Whose bright idea was to leave the syrup on the kitchen top?

sweetness overload

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