This man gives a hotel ridiculous request before his stay. You won’t believe what the hotel staff did!!

Hotel stays are fun whenever you go on a trip. You just need to take a chill pill and relax in the room you booked for your comfort. No hassles of making the bed or doing any chores. Have a soothing and relaxing bath and shower and just relax. Hotels or the hospitality industry is known for their policy of customer is always right and most of times will do anything to see the customer goes home happy and comes back again and again. Here is the story of one such hotel which fulfilled a customer’s wacky wishes when he booked a room. Check the whole story out.

1 The hotel requests by the man

Online hotel booking request

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People try to get anything and everything that they can when they get a chance to stay in hotel rooms. This person went one step further and used the special request section of this hotel’s website to ask for some really bizarre things for himself and his girlfriend every time he stayed there. His requests ranged from funny to downright bizarre. He requested things like 3 individual M&M’s of red color in his room table, pictures of bacon on the bed, a play pillow fort for himself and photo of a dog in sailor costume. He didn’t knew whether the hotel would accommodate his requests and so he just went with whatever wildest things he could ask for. Click on next slide to know if the hotel staff stepped up to this man’s challenge or not.

framed picture of bacon

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