The top 10 Critically acclaimed Movies of 2016


2016 was an exceptional year for movie releases. As we inch towards the Oscars due next month, it remains to be seen which movie turns out the favorite among the many brilliant hits that graced the celluloid screen last year. With that in mind here is our choice for the ten best movies of 2016.

10 Deadpool

Critics found it fast, funny and packed with profanity but they loved this ego centric abusive and angry man in contrast to the conventional stereotype goody goody hero. Deadpool went on to become the most successful r-rated movie of all time grossing $363,070.709 in North America surpassing Matrix reloaded which grossed $742 million.


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9 Doctor Strange

Marvels much awaited movie of the mysterious Doctor Strange opened to packed houses worldwide. The thoroughly entertaining superhit film was acclaimed for its special effects and went on to become a blockbuster grossing $229,697,310.

Benedict Cumberbatch has spent a considerable time as a voluntary English teacher in a Buddhist monastery which helped him connect with his spirituality. The experienced proved valuable in helping him prepare for his role as Dr Strange.

Doctor Strange

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8 La La Land

Among the best movies of 2016, this is touted to be a strong contender for the Oscars, La La land impressed critics with rock solid performances and unforgettable emotional moments. The movie grossed $22.835.199 at the box office and has won several nominations for best actor and best picture including the Golden Globes.

La La Land

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7 Captain America Civil War

Another block buster from the marvel stable, Civil War was an action packed multi superhero superhit that deviated from the traditional cartoon story theme and searched for a more thought provoking plot. The movie grossed $ 408,084,439 which is quite impressive.

A fun fact about the movie was when Robert Downey Jr calmed Tom Holland down during his screen test for Spiderman.

Captain America Civil War

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6 Moana

With lush animation and a fresh story line, Disney came up with a super hit in the likes of Moana. A family friendly adventure, Moana saw a box office collection of $203,393,039.

Lin Manuel Miranda was the inspiration for the songs behind Moana and he is now working for another super soundtrack for Disney’s expected live action release The little mermaid.


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5 Finding Dory

Critics found this cute entertainer to be poignant funny and extremely thought provoking. Finding Dory is a brilliant adventure and an apt chapter in its predecessor “finding Nemo”. The film grossed a surprising all time $486,295,561. The original setting of the movie was a Marine Biological institute but shown in a much more appealing way.

Finding Dory

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4 The Jungle Book

Now this was truly a blockbuster of an entertainer from Disney. Featuring a live animated classic on the lines of the original animated version, the Jungle book was simply superb in terms of cinematography, action sequences and storyline. The movie grossed $364,001,123. However how many know that the voice of Baloo was none other than Brian Doyle Murray, brother of Hollywood star Bill Murray.

The Jungle Book

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3 Arrival

This movie is a must see for every movie fan as it delivers a fantastic experience by virtue of its powerful emotional science fiction theme. Noteworthy is the performance by Amy Adams. The film grossed $91,292,332. One hopes that Amy Adams will be a strong contender for the Oscar of best actress against Emma Stone this year.


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2 Hell or High Water

A brilliant Western Thriller with does away with the conventional and mindless gunplay favoring powerful characters instead. Hell or High water is an enjoyable movie that grossed $27,007,884 in the box office. Both actors in the lead roles Chris Pine and Ben Foster have also appeared together in the movie “The Finest Hour”.

Hell or High Water

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1 Zootopia

Did you contemplate an animation movie reaching no 1? However Critics have given this movie a big thumbs up due to state of the art animation and its thoughtful message and rich theme. This is probably the best movie of 2016. The combination of sentiment and comedy has been correctly addressed in Zootopia which grossed $341,268,248. Zootopia may well be the movie of the year after creators decided to change the original story line focusing more on Goodwin’s character instead of Bateman.


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