The top 10 Critically acclaimed Movies of 2016

5 Finding Dory

Critics found this cute entertainer to be poignant funny and extremely thought provoking. Finding Dory is a brilliant adventure and an apt chapter in its predecessor “finding Nemo”. The film grossed a surprising all time $486,295,561. The original setting of the movie was a Marine Biological institute but shown in a much more appealing way.

Finding Dory

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4 The Jungle Book

Now this was truly a blockbuster of an entertainer from Disney. Featuring a live animated classic on the lines of the original animated version, the Jungle book was simply superb in terms of cinematography, action sequences and storyline. The movie grossed $364,001,123. However how many know that the voice of Baloo was none other than Brian Doyle Murray, brother of Hollywood star Bill Murray.

The Jungle Book

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