Crazy Race! Is this even legal?


Would you put your money on these races? Who would win? Is the winner already set up from before? Is this even legal? All of these questions have the answers written bellow.

1 Bridal race

Hundreds of brides-to-be wearing their white wedding dresses are running like crazy. What’s the deal? Around 100 young Serbian brides-to-be take part an annual race in the capital Belgrade for a chance to win their wedding dress. The 150-meter dash requires competitors to don wedding gowns and running shoes in a sprint through the Serbian largest city.The winner and two runners-up receive numerous awards including the bridal dress they wore in the race. Okay, cool and practical if you are a Serbian bride to-be.

Bridal race

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2 Fake horse race

What? Yes, it was our first question too. One of Britain’s most bizarre racing events, the annual Pantomime Horse Grand National Race, is also one of the most fun. Designed as a parody of the Grand National horse race held in Antree, the Pantomime Horse Grand National draws in thousands of people to the city center of Birmingham, all eager to watch the competitors and bet on the winner. Contestants pay a 50 pound fee to enter the competition and slip into their plush horse costumes for a chance to win the grand prize, a bottle of champagne. You may think it’s not much, but it really isn’t about the winnings at all. All the money raised from entrance fees, sponsorship and betting on the sidelines goes to the Lord Mayor’s charity funds.

Fake horse race

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3 Stiletto racing

You don’t want to compete in this one unless you are very skillful while wearing your high heels. Every year young women line the streets of Moscow to participate in what could be the most important race of their lives. And probably the most dangerous. None of them are Olympic runners. These women run for a higher purpose – shopping. Glamour magazine hosts an annual stiletto race. Young women strap on their tallest heels (9cm minimum, to be exact), and run a 50 meter course in hopes of winning a $3,000 gift card. Most of the women taped their shoes to their feet, but that did not stop the barrage of trips, slips, and falls. Hey, it’s about shopping, every woman would do it. Almost.

Stiletto racing

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4 Santa Speedo Run

As you are already guessing this is a race where the participants are meant to wear swim wear in red and white – much like Santa. This a weird and unique fundraising event that began in Boston in 2000 with 5 guys just looking to spread some holiday spirit by running through Back Bay in only Santa hats and Speedos. Since then it has grown to include 700 men and women each year and has become an annual holiday tradition that has hosted thousands of participants who have helped to raise over $1.4 million for local children in need. It’s for the good cause after all.

Santa Speedo Run

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5 Lobster crate race

Oh, you better not participate in this one unless you are ready to fall down in the water. The Maine Lobster Festival is an annual event during the summer celebrating all aspects of the Maine lobster industry. It is held at Harbor Park in Rockland, Maine and attracts tens of thousands of visitors. Highlights of the Festival include the crowning of the Maine Sea Goddess, cooking contests, and a lobster crate race, in which the goal is to walk across as many partially submerged lobster crates as possible before falling into the water; the record is 4,501 crates crossed by a 12-year old boy from Connecticut.

Lobster crate race

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6 Steep race

The Planica 400 race is sponsored by Red Bull and takes racing to the next level. And literally. The Red Bull 400 is only 400 meters in length, and yet it just might be the toughest race of that distance in the world. The race takes place on the face of a vertical ski jump! It is so steep the runners have to crawl their way to the top! Competitors race up the side of a mountain in Planica, Slovenia in a grueling test of speed, strength and endurance.

Steep race

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