7 Very confusing pictures that make you look twice at them

Images are a strong source and medium of projecting your feelings or messages across many people. Humans respond well to visual stimuli and images are the best things to show someone something that needs attention. But these 8 pictures are so confusing, as what is happening in these pictures. Check out yourselves.


1 The levitating human

One of the best superpowers that everyone wants is the power to fly. Imagine how much money it will save in gas and air fares if you could just fly anywhere you like. This dude also looks like levitating in air with the road underneath clearly visible. Unfortunately, he is not in air or levitating, he is just standing next to some oil that spilt on the road.

The levitating human

Image Source: www.elrunrun.net


2 The inappropriate PDA

Now PDA or public display of affection is something of a debatable issue. Younger generation loves to show their affection towards their loved one and sometimes they forget where to draw a line when it comes to what is appropriate and what is not. In this picture, the girl’s hand is supposedly on such a place that will put the PDA on the bad side, but on a closer look, it is found that the hand is of the dude himself. Maybe he is excited.

The inappropriate PDA

Image Source: www.insight.co.kr


3 Where are the legs?

This is what you call color coordinated. The lady here is wearing the leggings or the skirt which has not only the same color as the carpet in the lobby, but also a very similar looking design, which created an illusion of the lady’s legs not being seen. Look closely.

Where are the legs

Image Source: www.media-cdn.list.ly


4 Who is holding who here

It looks like the Miss Popular is really popular and her friends want to hoist her in the air and are struggling to do so. But what we are struggling to see that who is holding who as the dresses and background everything is mashed up together.

Who is holding who here

Image Source: www.depo.ua


5 Hands on

Here are two pairs of hands on a table. We have a feeling of uneasiness as our eyes compare both the hands and then a sense of horror dawns on us when we realize that the hand on right is missing a knuckle on each finger and is deformed in what can only be described as cringeworthy.

Hands on

Image Source: www.redditmedia.com


6 Too many pictures in one picture

Here is one such painting that will test everyone’s eyesight. Can you find out how many more pictures are inside this one pictures? These types of images are used to find out the psyche of a person and professionals use similar techniques in evaluations.

Too many pictures in one picture

Image Source: www.gadoo.com.br


7 My head hurts

This image takes the cake as far as we are concerned about when it comes to confusing the heaven out of us. The guy on the couch, the girl behind her or the girl on the couch and guy hugging her and who is where? It’s all too much of confusion to grasp. Check for yourselves.

My head hurts

Image Source: www.spotsumo.com


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